cm 100×140, pencil, tempera, ink on cardboard


I have been drawing for over forty years. As a cartoonist, I commented on current events, illustrated columns for renown columnists, made covers
of opinion-forming magazines, and finally, for nearly a decade, my cartoons were featured daily in the largest news portals in Poland attracting 2 million hits
a day. I made short animated satirical cartoons for television. In parallel, I developed my freehand portrait drawing skills completing orders for journalists, politicians and business people. Now I work for a Dutch publishing house and clients in Germany and Switzerland. I enjoy individual orders for hyper-realistic portraits. In portrait art, I am fascinated by capturing the energy of the portrayed person, his or her individual charisma that manifests itself not only through body gestures, facial expressions and microexpressions but also in other dimensions sensed intuitively. This is a tough and complex process in which achieving the physical likeness of a model is only a stage. I work on a portrait for as long as it takes to make it an independent being with
a character. My works engage viewers and often evoke strong emotions in a model confronted with the finished work. When I draw, I fall into a trance for hours. This is an intense and engaging process. Finished portraits from my studio reside and live with their models. They are displayed prominently at their homes. They serve as talismans. No doubt, they will make a unique gift.
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Artur Krynicki.
Portrait artist, graphic artist, painter, filmmaker and photographer. Studied drawing and painting at the Academy
of Fine Arts in Poznan and then also graduated from the State Film, TV and Theater School in Lodz.
Has worked as a cartoonist for many Polish press titles for thirty years: “Businessman”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Film”, “Foyer”, “Manager”, “Newsweek”, “Playboy”, “Polityka”, “Press”.
Krynicki has been drawing for the Dutch newspaper “Het Parool” since 2017.

“Third Salon of the Association of Polish Caricature Artists”, Caricature Museum, Warsaw, 2002.
“Poland, the portrait of the whole”, Caricature Museum, Warsaw, 2003/2004.
“Poland, unleavened portrait. Picture after 20 years of freedom” Caricature Museum, Warsaw, 2009.
“Vips and News”, Caricature Museum, Warsaw, 2011
Artur Krynicki – solo exhibition, Humboldt University Berlin, 2020

In Germany since 2017. Fields of activity: illustrations, portrait drawings, photo reports and portrait photography.